Pearls have been a fashion staple for a very long time. Many people love pearl necklaces and earrings. You might have a set of pearls that has been handed down as a family heirloom.

These gems allow you to enjoy a classic look that has been seen as elegant by the masses for seemingly forever.

Did you know that many celebrities have also taken to wearing pearls? Over the last few years, pearls have seen a bit of a revival in the world of celebrity fashion.

Many A-list celebrities have been seen wearing pearls in some way or another. Continue reading to learn more about celebrities wearing pearls.

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At the moment, pearls are becoming popular among young celebrities. Some people are using terms like “pearlcore” to describe the latest trend of accessorizing using pearls.

Sometimes pearls are worn as necklaces, but pearls are also seen in other types of jewelry such as earrings.

The pearls that are most commonly worn by modern celebrities are the standard white pearls that you envision when thinking of your grandmother’s pearl necklace.

Celebrities that fall under the millennial and gen Z age groups appear to be embracing the pearl trend. Many celebrities in their 20s and early 30s have been seen wearing pearls to special events. It’s also common to see them wearing pearls in their everyday lives.

Below, you’ll learn more about some of the specific celebrities that have worn pearls in recent years.

Harry Styles

Many people are surprised when they see men step out wearing pearl jewelry. In the last several decades, it hasn’t been common to see men wearing pearls.

This has changed due to recent fashion trends, and Harry Styles is one of the popular modern celebrities that has worn pearls.

At the Brit Awards in 2020, he wore a pearl necklace, and he has worn pearls other times as well.

Billie Eillish

Billie Eillish is one of the most popular singers of the last few years. This pop star has captured the imagination of many, and she has stepped out wearing pearls on the red carpet before.

During the premiere of No Time to Die, Eillish wore a fashionable pearl necklace. Her simple and elegant gold necklace with pearls stood out positively at the movie premiere.

Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber is another male pop star who has worn a pearl necklace in recent years. The style of pearl necklace that was worn by Beiber very much resembles the traditional pearl necklace that many people have as a family heirloom.

justin beiber
justin beiber

Interestingly, Beiber chose to wear the necklace in standard street clothes. It goes to show that it’s possible to wear pearls while dressing casually.

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is a rapper that’s famous for his music as well as being a producer and record executive. He’s just one of the popular modern rappers who have been seen wearing pearls.

He incorporates pearl jewelry into his normal aesthetic. When rappers and many other male celebrities wear pearls they don’t wear the same traditionally elegant clothes that you associate with pearls.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Pearl Necklace

Jaden Smith is another male celebrity who has embraced wearing pearls. This actor and musical artist has worn pearls on a few occasions. He is one of the celebrities that wears the pearls with more casual clothing items.

The simple elegance of the pearls is in contrast to the clothes that he wears, and that’s one of the things that defines this trend among the younger generation.

Other Celebrities Still Wear Pearls

Of course, it’s not just the younger generation that wears pearls. You’ll still see elder millennials and generation X celebrities wearing pearls on the red carpet.

They just seem to do so in more traditional ways. Also, it’s more common for the women of this generation to wear pearls along with beautiful dresses and other types of formal clothing.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has long been considered to be among the most gorgeous celebrities. She’s stepped out on the red carpet wearing pearls many different times.

She’s worn beautiful pearl necklaces with designer dresses to movie premieres and award ceremonies. If you’re looking to find an example of how to wear a pearl necklace traditionally, it’s wise to look at how Natalie Portman does so.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is another great actress who sometimes wears pearls when stepping out. She has worn pearl necklaces to award ceremonies as well as red carpet events.

Bullock is known for looking truly stunning whenever she steps out for a formal event. Pearls complement her style and choice of dress nicely.

Celebrities Historically Wearing Pearls

In the past, there were so many great actresses who were known to wear pearls. You’ll find many of the most iconic names of the past wearing pearl necklaces in photos.

Some of these actresses are associated with the elegance of the look. Read on to learn a bit more about them.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most influential and important actresses of her era. There are many different occasions when she came out wearing a pearl necklace.

One of the most iconic looks that she is associated with is her black dress with a set of pearls. She helped to keep pearls popular during her day due to how great she looked wearing them.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is most famous for her time on the hit TV show Sex And The City. On the show and in real life, Parker has been known for wearing long pearl necklaces.

She looks fantastic in long strands of pearls and has helped to popularize that look over the last several decades. Many other celebrities chose to emulate that look.

Political Figures Wearing Pearls

You’ll also find many political figures have worn pearls famously over the years. It’s still common for female politicians to wear pearl necklaces on the campaign trail. You’ll also see many first ladies over the years have worn pearls as a fashion statement.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy was one of the most important and iconic first ladies in United States history. She was seen as a fashion icon and was a source of inspiration for the country during tough times.

She was known for wearing many different beautiful dresses, and she often wore pearls with those dresses. Jackie loved wearing streamlined dresses along with a set of pearls.

Laura Bush

Laura Bush wore pearls as first lady as well. She always wore pearls in a traditional way that made her feel very familial.

The fashion of Laura Bush evoked simpler times, and many people found that to be comforting.

The first lady maintained her popularity in the country even during divisive times for the Bush administration.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is an even more recent first lady who is also known for wearing pearls. As first lady, she wore pearls on many occasions and with many different types of dresses.

Michelle Obama was known for being very fashionable, but more importantly, she worked to help people and push forward many different causes she was passionate about.

There are many other first ladies that wore pearl necklaces, but Michelle Obama stands out.

Vice President Kamala Harris

The first female Vice President of the United States of America has been known to wear pearls. You can see Vice President Kamala Harris wearing pearls as she attends to the duties of her office.

She wore pearls on the campaign trail when running for President as well. She often pairs pearls with suits just like many other modern female politicians.

It’s very likely that pearls will remain popular for a long time to come. Many modern celebrities are wearing pearls in new ways.

It’s starting to become popular for male celebrities to wear pearls, and female celebrities also wear them in traditional ways. There’s something pure and beautiful about pearls that seems to transcend generations.

Pearl necklaces and earrings are seen as classy. Many people love to wear jewelry like this in formal settings. It allows you to take on an iconic look.

Or you can choose to use pearls like some young celebrities are using them. You can try to pair them with casual clothing for a unique look that’s distinctly modern.

Either way, the popularity of the pearl necklace isn’t fading anytime soon. Even if the popularity of pearls wanes in the coming years, it always seems to come back in style.

It’s a great look that will always be there to utilize. So don’t be afraid to wear your pearl necklace or earrings and try it out for yourself.

In Closing

You should feel as if you know a lot more about celebrities and pearls. It’s been popular for celebrities to wear pearls for a long time. In the past, it was only females who wore pearls, but men are starting to wear pearls now as well.

Since pearls provide such a classic look, it’s very likely that they will continue to be loved and worn by celebrities in the decades to come.

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