If you’re new to the world of pearl necklaces, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose one. Here’s the good news: Pearl necklaces are a classic and versatile accessory that work well with any style. But there are still some key things to consider when shopping for pearls. In this post, I will be going over a few factors to consider when buying a pearl necklace.

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Contrast your skin tone with the pearl color

When choosing a pearl color, you’ll want to think about how your skin tone contrasts with the color of the pearl. Here are some common pearls and their colors:

white – This can be interpreted in many ways because it is so light in shade. It could look more like an off-white than an actual white or it could have a slightly creamy tone to it.

cream – This is another great option for someone with any skin tone because it’s very versatile and will work well with most looks (especially if you’re going for something more casual). If you do want to go bolder, consider pairing your cream pearls with neutral colors like black or brown instead of bolder hues like red or blue.

pink – This color works best on fair skin tones but there’s no reason why medium-fair or dark-fair women shouldn’t wear this hue as well!

Consider your lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle. If you are constantly on-the-go, it might not be practical to wear large statement pieces that can get easily tangled up in everything else in your bag or handbag—and then there’s always the risk of losing them! On the other hand, if being adventurous is part of who you are (or just one aspect), an oversized strand would be perfect for exploring new places while looking stylishly chic at all times!

Choose a length that flatters you

A pearl choker

You should be able to wear a choker necklace with the pearls resting comfortably against the base of your throat.

If you are shopping for a pearl choker and can’t decide on whether it is too tight or too loose, then choose one that fits snugly around your neck.

A princess necklace

  • A princess necklace should hang about an inch lower than a choker in the center of your collarbone.
  • It should be long enough to cover your cleavage without being too low.

A matinée length necklace

A matinée (or opera) length necklace will hit at the top of your bust line.

An opera-length necklace

If you’re looking for a more modest length, an opera-length necklace will hang somewhere between the top of your bust and your belly button. This is a good length for pearls because it’s long enough to be visible but short enough that it won’t get in the way.

Choosing the right length

To determine which length is best for you, first consider what style of pearls you’re wearing: classic or modern. Classic styles feature larger pearls that are relatively uniform in size, while modern styles feature smaller, rounder pearls with more variations in size and shape. If you’re going for a classic look with large uniform pearls, then an 18-inch or longer piece will work best for this type of design. However, if your goal is to wear some modern designs with smaller, rounder pearls, it might make sense to opt for something closer to 14 inches long.

This is a question of personal preference, but there are some things you should consider. If your neck is long and slender, it might look better with a shorter necklace. Also, think about the occasion. A short pearl necklace will work great for an evening out or other more formal events. If you’re looking to wear pearls more casually, then try going with something longer (but not too long).

Lastly, take a look at your current collection of necklaces to get some ideas on what length would best suit your style and shape, as well as what type of occasions you want to wear them for.

Measuring the length of the pearl necklace

Once you’ve decided which style suits you best, then measure yourself from your collarbone directly down over where you want your necklace length measurement to end up being positioned under clothing.

Measurements vary somewhat by neck size, but these are good general guidelines for buying pearl necklaces online.

If you want a more precise fit, I recommend measuring yourself with a flexible tape measure and then comparing your measurements to the necklaces in stores (either online or brick-and-mortar). You’ll find that most pearl necklaces will have an adjustable clasp with which you can get the perfect fit for your preferred style of wearing the necklace.

Pick the right clasp for you

When it comes to the clasp, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure it is easy to open and close with one hand. Second, don’t get a clasp too large or small for your neckline—you want the pearl necklace to sit neatly on your collarbone. Third, consider how much or little pressure you exert when putting on or taking off the necklace: if it takes two hands and lots of effort, then something is wrong with the clasp!

Choose the setting that suits you — and your lifestyle.

Pearl necklaces are available in a variety of settings. Bezel settings are the most secure, and they keep the pearl centered in place. Prong settings are also secure but allow more room for movement. Chanel settings give you an elegant look that allows your pearl to move around freely. You’ll want to consider your lifestyle and budget when choosing a setting for your pearls.

If you are looking for a more casual look, a bezel setting is probably best. If you want to give your pearl necklace some movement, go with a channel setting. If money is no object and you want the most secure setting possible, go with prong settings.


The takeaway is that while pearls can be expensive, they are a very beautiful and classic piece to add to your collection. They can also be used for many different occasions, so do not hesitate to buy one if you think the time is right for you.

Make sure that you are happy with your choice of pearl necklace before buying it. You should feel comfortable wearing it and confident that it will look good on you. The price should not matter as much as how well it fits into your wardrobe!

Consider what color or colors would best suit your personal style and taste when choosing a pearl necklace. In addition, make sure the length of the necklace works well with other necklines in your closet (such as sweaters).


If you’re looking for the perfect pearl necklace to complete your look, it’s important to take into account all of these factors. And remember: The right pearl necklace can be a great investment if you choose one that goes with many different outfits and styles.

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I am a pearl and oyster enthusiast who loves to share her knowledge and experiences about fashion with the world. I am neither a certified gemologist nor a reseller of pearls.

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