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Pearls are a classic and elegant jewelry option. Whether you’re interested in a strand of cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, or South Sea pearls, learning about the different shapes of these gems will help you find the best fit for your jewelry.

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Round pearls are the most common shape and account for more than half of the world’s total pearl production. They are symmetrical and have a spherical shape, which means they’re round in every direction (although they can be slightly off-round). Round pearls tend to be the most expensive because they look great when set in jewelry, as well as being a unique shape.

shapes of pearls


Semi-round pearls are usually the most popular shape because they are the most versatile and can be worn with many different styles of jewelry. Semi-round pearls are also the most affordable.

Semi-round pearls have the same rounded edges as a round pearl, but it is not perfectly spherical. The sides taper off slightly toward both ends, giving it an oval shape instead of a perfect circle.

This allows semi-round pearls to fit more comfortably in earrings, necklaces and bracelets than true round ones might do so that they don’t stick out at odd angles or become lost when your arms move around too much during wear.


Off-round pearls are not perfectly round. They differ from regular round pearls in that their shape doesn’t match the idealized sphere of a pearl. Off-round pearls are often used in pairs, as they are well suited for earrings and pendants.


Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped. They may be round, semi-round or off-round. They may have a flat side or a curved side. These pearls are also referred to as irregularly shaped pearls (ISP).

Semi baroque

Semi baroque pearls have a rounded and a flat side. They are sometimes referred to as half round pearls.

These pearls are great for wearing in a necklace where they can be showcased on both the front and back of your neckline, but they also look beautiful when worn as pendants or earrings.

Twinned pearls

Twinned pearls occur when a natural pearl grows around a grain of sand or other foreign objects.

When this happens, the mother-of-pearl forms around the foreign object, creating two perfectly matched pearls.

While it’s possible for twinned pearls to form naturally, most are man-made by joining together two individual pearls into one larger pearl.

Twinned pearls are very rare and expensive: no more than five percent of all natural saltwater pearls contain twinning.

Heavily baroque pearls

If a pearl is shaped like a teardrop, you can be sure it was caused by the pearl being attached to a nucleus that is too small.

The shape of these pearls, which is also known as pea-shaped, means that they are usually very heavy and have lots of nacre (the substance that makes up the outer shell of all pearls).

In fact, some people consider heavily baroque pearls to be more valuable than others because they look so different from other types of pearls.

Tadpole pearls

Tadpole pearls are a rare shape of pearl. They are found in freshwater mussels and resemble the shape of a tadpole, with a round or oval shaped base or head and an elongated tail-like shaft. The base may be flat or slightly concave, while the top can be domed or convex.

As such, they’re perfect for earrings as well as other types of jewelry. Their rounded edges make them easy to handle, which makes them ideal for making large pearl earrings that don’t slip out when you move your head around (or something).

Application of pearl shapes in fashion

Pearls come in many shapes and for a beautiful piece of jewelry, the shape is important.

There are many different shapes of pearls. Round pearls are the most popular, and off-round pearls (pearls that are longer than they are wide) are also popular; however, these two types of pearls aren’t ideal for every piece of jewelry.

If you want to add some variation and style to your piece, consider choosing a semi-round or baroque pearl instead. Both of these shapes have their own unique looks and can be used in many different pieces at once!

lady wearing white pearls

Semi-round pearls are more common than other types because they’re less expensive than other shapes but still look great with any piece of jewelry you wear them with–their size makes them perfect for anyone who wants a stylish accessory without having to worry about spending too much money on it! Baroque is another option if you’re looking for something different that will stand out against all else around it; this shape adds more character than anything else would have done here so make sure you consider what kind of mood/feeling each one might bring before making up your mind about which one suits best.”


It’s important to know the shape of your pearls, especially if you are buying them for a special piece of jewelry.

The shape will help you determine whether or not the pearls will look good together or if they need to be paired with other shapes for optimal effect.

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