Welcome to homeofpearls.com, a site dedicated to pearls and pearl-related items, including the wonderful animals that produce them (that is, Oysters). Here you will find various guides on buying and adorning pearls made by a passionate pearl enthusiast.

The origin of Home-Of-Pearls?

I have been passionate about pearls ever since my mom introduced me to the world of pearls when I was a little girl. I love writing about these beautiful gems.

Pearl Quote: A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls: By Coco Chanel

What is available on this site?

You can read my various guides, such as how to buy pearl earrings, how to choose the right size of pearl earrings, what are the different types of pearls, etc. Kindly take a look at my buyer’s guide for pearls. A fair share of articles on this site is dedicated to oysters as well. I find these creatures to be unique, and they have also piqued my curiosity as a scientist.

Why did I create this blog?

You might wonder, what makes homeofpearls.com different from all the other pearl blogs? Well, for one thing, I am not trying to market pearl products to you by inserting various pearl products into a blog post.

Most of the top results in search results about pearls are, unfortunately, by large pearl sellers who have a single goal of selling you their pearls. I can even hazard a guess that educating you about making the best purchasing choice is not their goal. Unfortunately, this trend is the new norm, with us bloggers being increasingly featured less in online search engine results.

There is no agenda: Honest, educational content about pearls without a twist to trick you into buying overpriced pearls.

Furthermore, I am not a reseller of pearls; as such, the advice I offer is strictly honest and unbiased. I have various genuine product reviews of pearls and pearl-related items I have bought in the past.

You will realize, after some due diligence and research, that the modern pearl seller market is largely a ‘cultured pearl’ one. Indeed, most products are made from readily available freshwater pearls. However, some online sellers have unnecessarily marked up the price of their pearls to an unsuspecting buying public.

Buyer Beware: Most modern pearls are made from affordable freshwater pearls. Do not spend a fortune on pearls sold online. You can look beautiful in these natural gems without breaking the bank.

To make it even more confusing, they throw around grading terms like AAAA, AAA, AA, high-grade, etc., which makes it difficult for the uninitiated to decipher. This is all a bid to get you to part away with your hard-earned US dollars.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

Finally, I have partnered with various pearl sellers who offer high-quality pearls at an affordable and competitive prices. Even more importantly, these partners sell products that I love and will buy myself.

I am Anisa, and I hope you find this blog both entertaining and educational.